Stress Management

Many things can trigger stress reaction, including danger, threat, news, illness, etc. ...Read More

Depression Treatment

Depression is currently fourth among the top 10 leading causes of the global burden ... Read More

Couple Counselling

Couples counseling is short-term and problem oriented; it may include a variety of... Read More

Anxiety Treatment

The anxiety can interfere significantly with daily routines, your job, social life etc ... Read More

Online Therapy

Online therapy allows clients to get the treatment from the comfort of their home ... Read More

Addiction Counselling

Addiction counselling, a form of therapy that deals with problematic use of substance.. Read More

Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis is a talking therapy, the sessions are designed to explore.. Read More


A form of psychological therapy focuses on the psychological roots of emotional suffering... Read More


The philosophical belief stressing that each of us is fully responsible for creating... Read More


Gestalt is a humanistic, holistic, person-centred form of therapy, it focusses on... Read More


Similar approach to CBT, REBT focuses on showing the person the positive sides of the... Read More


CBT is a solution focused and time limited approach, usually consisting of up to 12 sessions... Read More